The M Word #33: Honey Is Poison (with friends!)

The M Word #33: Honey Is Poison (with friends!)

Planned Topics include: Our Final Costume (that we actually remembered to talk about), I Think I’m Turning Japanese, & Can Millennials Be Parents (and other advice from co-millennials Erin & James from Unabashedly Obsessed).

Actual Topics are: Kyle Is Playing D&D for Sick Kids, Conner’s Olympics, & Submarine Parenting.

Thanks so much to Erin & James from Unabashedly Obsessed (a show about pop, and not-so-pop, culture) & Kids on Bikes (an actual-play RPG podcast with a hilarious cast of players using the new tabletop game with the same title)! Please check out both shows as they are phenomenal.

Also, if you donate to Kyle’s Extra Life team, then you will be supporting Texas Children’s Hospital (so you should, because you’re a good millennial). And if, like most millennials, you don’t have a ton a spare change, know that every little bit helps, and there’s no one more deserving than the children who are fighting for their lives and the families that support and lift them up. And, you should watch Kyle play D&D for the first time on November 2nd. Follow Kyle on Twitter to catch updates.

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