Press Kit

Press Kit

Fact Sheet

About The M Word

The M Word is a weekly millennial podcast solving millennial problems hosted by Conner O’Brien & Kyle Turner. This non-scripted comedy covers virtually all topics related to the millennial generation, both current & nostalgic. The hosts also solicit & help “solve” problems from listeners including but not limited to: managing money, avoiding clingy neighbors, and the values of smoking marijuana.

The M Word is also the world’s first podcast to use quantum technology during production. And as soon as Conner & Kyle figure out what that means, it will be very impressive.

The Hosts

Conner O’Brien & Kyle Turner have been friends for years, first meeting at their shared workplace in Houston, Texas. A few months after this fateful meeting, Conner invited Kyle back to his hotel room and something beautiful began. And once Conner explained that he was living in a hotel room at the time due to a flooding incident, their completely platonic friendship truly began.

Both Kyle & Conner have always been creatively driven and desperately sought an outlet for their passions. Once Kyle began a new job & Conner moved to California, they decided that the only way they would possibly stay friends is if they were forced to speak with each other once a week. Thus, The M Word was created and their friendship has been documented each week since.

The Details


RSS Feed:


Schedule: The M Word releases a new episode each Friday

Platforms: The M Word can be found on all major podcasting directories including Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn

Twitter: @mwordpod

Production: The M Word is produced by Conner O’Brien & Kyle Turner and is edited by Kyle Turner

Support: The M Word is supported by generous patrons through Patreon. All patrons (at a minimum of $1 pledged a month) receive exclusive weekly audio episodes in addition to any future patron-exclusive content.

What People Are Saying

Listen to these guys. Like, right now: Kyle and Conner have such a great rapport and energy. The show has a very MBMBAM-esque vibe, and within the first few minutes of the first episode I smashed that subscribe button so hard I hurt my finger. It was worth it.” —UnabashedlyErin

Just a couple of Millennials talking about things: I’m not a millennial. I’m a GenXer. But, I could still relate to these guys and what they were talking about. If you like some quality entertainment, high quality podcast, and some actual thoughtful commentary spattered in between, this podcast is for you.” —knatradio

A++: It’s nice to listen to other millennials viewpoints on all kinds of different topics. I love it! They’re also super goofy and funny.” —funnelcakeninja

Love the show: This show is so fun to listen to. I’m looking forward to listening to it grow to many episodes to come.” —K117y


If you would like to download the audio sampler file, you can find that here.