What! How did you get in here?

Well, however you did it, I guess you deserve to be here. If you’re at PodCon, then we just want to say that we hope you have a great rest of your PodCon. And if you like easy-going, problem solving podcasts, then you should definitely download The M Word, a millennial podcast solving millennial problems!

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About The M Word

The M Word is a weekly millennial podcast solving millennial problems hosted by Conner O’Brien & Kyle Turner. This non-scripted comedy covers virtually all topics related to the millennial generation, both current & nostalgic. The hosts also solicit & help “solve” problems from listeners including but not limited to: managing money, avoiding clingy neighbors, and the values of smoking marijuana.

The M Word is also the world’s first podcast to use quantum technology during production. And as soon as Conner & Kyle figure out what that means, it will be very impressive.

The Hosts

Conner O’Brien & Kyle Turner have been friends for years, first meeting at their shared workplace in Houston, Texas. A few months after this fateful meeting, Conner invited Kyle back to his hotel room and something beautiful began. And once Conner explained that he was living in a hotel room at the time due to a flooding incident, their completely platonic friendship truly began.

Both Kyle & Conner have always been creatively driven and desperately sought an outlet for their passions. Once Kyle began a new job & Conner moved to California, they decided that the only way they would possibly stay friends is if they were forced to speak with each other once a week. Thus, The M Word was created and their friendship has been documented each week since.